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Please see an officer in game for details. thank you.
Welcome to the COGs website!

Welcome to the COGs Website! We are a group of like minded players that feel the game is best enjoyed in a group. We work together to make the game more fun and to promote group play. Our goal is to make it possible for our members to always have the help they need to complete those hard missions and encounters.

Bella's Bit    

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I have noticed that not everyone knows about the code to unlock the uniform from the Wrath of Kaaaahn! movie. Enter this code JIH MUSHA SOH on the STO webpage when you are logged into your account, and you will have the uniform as a choice to wear. This code was originally from Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3 Blu-Ray at Best Buy. The code was not unique, so anyone can use it, enjoy

A Note on Crafting

To start any category of crafting speak to the NPC's in the crafting areas to get started, Also, when you have enough points to begin the advanced section, you must speak with an NPC to unlock the advanced tier of the category you are working on.

Admirals Rants    


Caderly73, Apr 5, 10 5:49 AM.
Hello again everyone, summer is finally here!!! Time for vacations, picinics and family get-togethers. Please if you are going to be absent for an extended period shot an email off to myself or one of the fleet officers, this will ensure you are not removed due to inactivity.  Beyond that the fleet is doing as well as expected.  Keep in mind we should continue too grow constantly, that said EVERYONE from our newest members to our longest standing officers should be on the lookout for acceptable new fleet mates.
  Ventrilo, though it is a requirement to have and use for fleet runs, I would like to see more people just stop in and say hello a bit more often. Vent is "paid for" to make your gaming easier and more enjoyable, so take advantage of it =).
  Keep up the good work and my hats off to all our officer and members who have been working hard to make the fleet better for everyone here. I would especially like to note the efforts of Fleet Overlord Ratan for stepping up during my absence due to illness over the past couple weeks as well as Fleet Matron Bella for her hard work in keeping the website here updated with fresh relevant news and info about the game, including walk-throughs for mission to keeping us informed as to the exciting new additions and changes coming to the game in the near future. Please stop in frequently to keep yourself updated.

                                                                     Thank You,


P.S.  There are now scheduled days for fleet runs please make sure to sign up for those runs here on the website so the people organizing the runs have a clue as to who may be showing up.  Thank You..
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